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I’m Mehitobel Wilson, and I write fiction. If you wanted to know more about me, you’ve found the right place.

“Brisé” appeared in Apex Magazine #75. There is also a short interview with me here.
Locus reviewed the issue here.

The delightful Alexandra Peel was kind enough to invite me to answer some really fun questions at her blog.

I was asked what “Quiet Horror” means to me, and I answered over at Lovecraft Ezine.

Over at Alex Bledsoe’s site, I came clean about a strange thing I did while working on Last Night at the Blue Alice. Reader, I built it.

Out now: 

A time-traveling psychopomp gets down to business in a notorious haunted house. It’s not pretty.

Last Night at the Blue Alice

Last Night at the Blue Alice is a new novella from Bedlam Press, featuring cover art and interior illustrations by Erik Wilson (no relation.) The beautiful signed/lettered hardcover edition is sold out. There is an open trade paperback edition, as well as an e-dition in various formats. You can check out the synopsis and purchase details at the link.


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What people are saying:

“Think of Bel Wilson as a Ralph Ellison or a J.D. Salinger of Horror. She takes a long time to write a story but the result is always worth the wait. The result is always groundbreaking. She manipulates prose the way Munch, Bosch, and Goya manipulated brush strokes. With mere words she chisels art out of darkness, and these exceptional skills couldn’t be better exemplified than in LAST NIGHT AT THE BLUE ALICE, likely the most intriguing and original horror-fantasy book I’ve ever read.” –Edward Lee, author of THE DUNWICH ROMANCE, HEADER, and THE BIGHEAD

“Mehitobel Wilson (no relation) doesn’t write nearly enough, so something new from her is a cause for celebration. LAST NIGHT AT THE BLUE ALICE reveals a writer in full control of her considerable talents.  The unique premise lifts it far above other tales of hauntings as each character comes alive on the page and pulls you in.  Do not miss this.” – F. Paul Wilson, author of The Keep, The Tomb, and the Repairman Jack series (the Adversary Cycle.)

“Caustic, classic, classy, nasty, elegant, relevant post-punk horror for people who give a shit.”  —China Miéville, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the British Fantasy Award.

“Like the best of Harlan Ellison, her fiction walks in enraged, full of fearsome intelligence and balls out to here.”  –John Skipp, author of The Art of Horrible People and many more.

“DANGEROUS RED is purely and simply one of the five best horror collections I’ve ever read in my fuckin’ life.”  –Ed Lee, author of City Infernal, Infernal Angel, The Bighead, and others.

“Mehitobel Wilson is, in fact, the Real Deal, and reading her prose is like getting a red hot wire raked across your tenderest flesh. It’s that good…this collection is a must-read for people interested in literary horror. .”  –Fangoria Magazine.