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 This 1953 Smith-Corona Silent gave me a scare - I'd thought the carriage wasn't moving simply because the drawband was detached, and that was true, but worse than that? The mainspring itself was rock solid. Drum wouldn't turn at all. Liberal amounts of product helped along with gator pliers and some muscle finally broke the spiraled spring free of itself and shazam, back in business. The rest of the mechanics and the body just needed a light cleaning; I'll rip out her rancid soundproofing and re-felt as soon as I get to the store. But DIG THIS VERITICAL SCRIPT!    Action shots! The pouncer becomes the pouncee.  Aw yeah. Wedding my best beloved on the winter solstice. Finally!  Playing with my Hammond tonight. Someday I will get lucky and find a few alternate typeface shuttles for her.
 This 1958 Tower (Sears-rebadged Smith Corona Silent Super) had paint so sticky with grease and nicotine (wherever it wasn’t worn to bare metal) that I couldn’t touch it without gloves. Dish soap dissolved the paint entirety. Mechanically she’s in pristine shape and she wears her new paint well. She’s my downstairs typer. :)    Noble Christmas snow-snooted puppo.  Giving #NaNoWriMo a go this year, finally. Figured a coffee cup upgrade was in order.  Victoria Schwab marks a calendar with stickers to mark daily work done, which seemed fun/smart. So, I bought glitter stars.
   Picked up a lovely Online Vision w/ med nib from the local b&m. Inked with Sailor Souten for now. Really smooth, wet writer; I'm thrilled with this one.  Wedding funtimes from the Solstice!  Raggedy moon tonight.  Blissed out on birthday smoked bleue cheese, fab gothy candle, and the nicest pen I'll ever own (Lamy 2000.)