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   New 2nd Midori TN dedicated to fiction notes and novel planning.  Probably not a barghest.  Bronte stole my hat and had to model it as punishment.  We have had an incident. Need to go buy more corn for dinner tonight. Shucks.  Noodle body formation.
 Sadie kindly makes Bronte feel less self-conscious about her wonky ear.  Valentine red fox from my ginger gent!  A little 3am Prisma fun with The Darkness.  My dad scored me a 1928 model 3 today. Woohoo!  In which Bronte attempts a new escape route to avoid getting her nails trimmed.  Now I shall attempt to read a book.
 Sadie got a bit of sunrise on her face.  I am trying to change her name to Ruby but I keep forgetting.  Eleganzaaaa.  Puppy upon presentation of disgusting raw marrow bone. A+ head tilt!  She thinks she is a mermaid.  Bronte unpacked all her toys and threw the box in the corner. Good moving helper.