Mehitobel Wilson

I’m Mehitobel Wilson, and I write fiction. If you wanted to know more about me, you’ve found the right place.

Dangerous Red’s third edition is now available in trade paperback and various e-ditions. It now contains the story “Close,” previously only available in 2004’s Damned: The Anthology of the Lost.

The Pulp Horror Book of Phobias Vol II, edited by MJ Sydney, is due out September 2020 and is currently available for preorder in hardcover and trade paperback from LVP Publications. It contains my piece “The Second Story,” about the fear of the upstairs.

– Forbidden Futures #4, edited by Cody Goodfellow, is available now. Stories are based on artwork by Mike Dubisch. Mine is “In Our Shallows, We are Small.”

The Pulp Horror Book of Phobias, edited by MJ Sydney, is available in hardcover and trade paperback from LVP Publications. It contains my story “True Confessions of the Happiest Pistachio in the Whole Wide Word,” about the fear of Utopian societies.

Available Now

A Time-Traveling Psychopomp Gets Down To Business In A Notorious Haunted House. It’s Not Pretty.

Also available in an open trade paperback edition. The lettered hardcover edition is sold out.

Mollie Chandler is on the verge of joining a shadowy Order whose magical operatives, the Glymjacks, manipulate events of the past. As the only candidate for the role of Psychopomp, she must pass one final test before the job is hers.

The crumbling Blue Alice has been gathering ghosts for over a hundred years. Once a grand mansion, it was converted to a rooming house in the 1920s. Tenants throughout the century since have suffered violent poltergeist attacks by a vengeful spirit, complained of a spectral woman in black who looms and leers at their every move, reported hearing music when there should be none playing, and appealed to exorcists when tormented by a judgmental demon.

Mollie must use magic, ingenuity, and intuition to travel back in time to the source of each haunting, avert their circumstances, and change history.

If she succeeds, she will have to give up everything she’s ever known to become a Glymjack.

If she fails, Mollie will not survive – if she’s lucky. The alternatives to death are far worse.

Mollie has but one night to change the histories of the dead and plot the course for her own future.

She is running out of time, and into the haunted heart of the Blue Alice.

F. Paul Wilson

Author of The Keep, The Tomb, and the Repairman Jack series (the Adversary Cycle.)

“Mehitobel Wilson (no relation) doesn’t write nearly enough, so something new from her is a cause for celebration. LAST NIGHT AT THE BLUE ALICE reveals a writer in full control of her considerable talents.  The unique premise lifts it far above other tales of hauntings as each character comes alive on the page and pulls you in.  Do not miss this.”

Edward Lee


“Think of Bel Wilson as a Ralph Ellison or a J.D. Salinger of Horror. She takes a long time to write a story but the result is always worth the wait. The result is always groundbreaking. She manipulates prose the way Munch, Bosch, and Goya manipulated brush strokes. With mere words she chisels art out of darkness, and these exceptional skills couldn’t be better exemplified than in LAST NIGHT AT THE BLUE ALICE, likely the most intriguing and original horror-fantasy book I’ve ever read.” 

China Miéville

Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the British Fantasy Award

“Caustic, classic, classy, nasty, elegant, relevant post-punk horror for people who give a shit.” 

John Skipp

Author of The Art of Horrible People and many more.

“Like the best of Harlan Ellison, her fiction walks in enraged, full of fearsome intelligence and balls out to here.”