2015: marvels ahoy, if I avoid the detail vortex

In order of intended completion:

1. Switch to henna. After decades of dyeing my hair red I think I may finally be ready to commit… to red.

2. Finish and deliver 25k-word novella to Secret Publisher X, who has not killed me yet for being a diva/freak/problem/tardy person. Yet.

3. Build and fancify a giant dollhouse.

4. Write novel properly, without going into a detail vortex*, which is what killed the first draft of the novella. Had to dump it and start over in a whole different world.

5. Concurrent with 4: puppy?

* “Ann stood before the closed door and –” wait, do gaslamps have a scent? I don’t remember the ones in Savannah having a scent, but did the ones from this time period have a particular smell that an outsider would notice? What did gas consumption cost, what households could afford it? What neighborhoods contained those households? Of households that couldn’t, which candles did they use, tallow or paraffin or beeswax or what? What did those smell like, how much did they cost, how quickly did they burn down? Sooty? Oh, just stop. What would you call a gaslamp by the entry door? We’d call it a coachlamp, but that’s probably not correct for the period, gotta look that up. Is it iron? Is the glass curved? Gotta look that up. When did running water come to X section of the city? The taps in wealthy households were wood, right? I should check. And in the scullery, what were the taps there? What would the water pressure have been like? Fuck it, ignore it, she’s standing in front of the door… is it smooth, paneled, painted? What paint color was most/least popular?

… detail vortex.

What I need to do instead is just Write Shit Out and embellish/correct the details on the next pass.

Anyway, can’t write much here until I get the novella ready to go, because I’m ashamed to do anything other than work on it.

So, onward and onward and onward!

Happy New Year from Bitte, who dislikes parties, as is proper.

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