Mehitobel Wilson has been publishing fiction since 1998. She is a Bram Stoker Award nominee, and many of her stories have been granted Honorable Mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror series. If you can’t pronounce her name, call her “Bel.”


Third person feels weird even though it does look mighty professional. So: I’ve been a dog groomer, an industrial painter, a runway model, a belt worker in a factory, a cigarette girl at a movie theater, an audio/visual technician, a Latin tutor, a waitress, and Executive Director of Violent Cussing at an art college. I grew up in the backwoods of South Carolina, went to college in St. Paul, and lived for a very long time in Savannah. Now I live in Kentucky with my husband, and have succeeded in becoming almost fully nocturnal. I love hella strong tea, pickled everything, baroque music, and Cantonese hip hop.

I’m also ultra-reclusive. I pretty much only go out to buy cheese or see bands.

Interviews and Reviews

  • Over at Alex Bledsoe’s site, I came clean about a strange thing I did while working on Last Night at the Blue Alice. Reader, I built it.