I want to say “Hemingwrong” now. Or at least “Hemingnevermind.”

I love mechanical keyboards, and I love e-ink, and I love dedicated devices and gadgets and low-fi and fancy-fi. (I dislike when people say anything “fi” though. So fickle of me.) I was excited when I heard about the Hemingwrite in this thread on reddit and promptly signed up for their newsletter to keep an eye out for the preorder.

The “preorder” opened today, and I’m out, though a bunch of other people definitely aren’t.

The campaign pics still feature the prototype: the Poker II keyboard with a weird 3-D printed spacebar + an e-ink device (Kindle, probably) encased in a 3-D printed housing. That’s fine. The creators said, when asked about pricing, “think mechanical keyboard + kindle.” My Price Is Right guess, allowing for novelty/niche markup, was full MSRP at $250 with actual retail around $170.

2 thoughts on “Hemingwrite

  1. That thing seems a lot like an old Casio electronic typewriter I had years ago. Bigger display, add a few baubles, make the housing look cooler…and sell it as something to help people avoid distractions from the “Wired World”. Jaysus. I thought it was a prank for a little while.

    • The build reminds me of a lot of the early-90s machines, which I kinda loved. Like the Brother wp1400, which had a built-in printer, disk backup/load, tiltable screen panel, and onboard word processing. Except this design is a lot more Fisher-Price.

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