I have every intention…

of blogging again. Once upon a time I was constantly on Livejournal, paid sub and all, and then the Great Abandoning happened. I was on Vox for a minute, and it fell apart. Ello, Google ?circles? whatever their social thing was. I mirrored my Lj at Dreamwidth for a minute, but most of my circle ended up on Tumblr, which wasn’t my thing. The best part of Lj were the conversations in comments.

I joined MySpace to get updates regarding a friend of mine who was undergoing physical therapy. I joined Facebook to keep tabs on what bands were coming to town. MySpace fell apart (no great loss to me) and my fb account, always friendslocked, has been idle for years. I joined and adored Imzy, but it fell apart.

I joined Twitter to read updates about the then-forthcoming Jonathan Strange series, and that’s been my main hangout ever since. I doomscroll like a champ, and don’t engage often, but I’ve made some friends there.

Twitter’s falling apart, fast.

I miss Lj. I miss Imzy. I miss hobby forums. (I know they still exist, but I cycle through hobbies – a month of hardcore dollhousing, a month of knitting, a month of Elden Ring, a month of 3d printing, etc – so there’s no cohesion or consistency.)

The plan is to pick up my usage of Instagram, Mastodon, and this blog. Maybe I’ll even start using some of the social features of my Quest. And I have some actual snail-mail letters to write.


We bought a house! It was a traumatic experience (landlords sold our place, we had to make new affordable plans in zero time during a terrible time to buy) but we love it.

The Thunderstorm Books ultra-fancy limited edition of Last Night at the Blue Alice sold out in 24 hours. I had a whole whiteboarded promotional plan and basically marked off “tweet about it” before it was sold out. You’re all wonderful.

There is good book news coming soon, just can’t say anything about it yet.

Blue Alice and Dangerous Red are both out of print at the moment. At the moment.

And the fabulous New Maps of Dream from PS Publishing, edited by Cody Goodfellow and Joe Pulver, is available in a gorgeous hardcover edition. It features my story “If The Cat Were Around, He Would Have Eaten the Fish.”

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