Arrivals: shiny new friends of darkness

So much stuff has been going on, a lot of it really heavy and depressing – world stuff, and personal. I have been self-medicating with:

  • My first playthrough of Mass Effect; psyched for Andromeda now. May replay ME2 but unlikely to play the others again. Currently replaying Fallout 4 just because it soothes me.
  • Books, including Mary Sangiovanni’s Chills, K. C. Alexander’s Necrotech, Cherie Priest’s The Family Plot, Gleick’s Time Travel: A History, and Arnold’s Necropolis: London and its Dead.
  • Bourbon, tea, and thick socks

There are also a couple of new loves in the household. Both need caring for, which is good for everyone.

The Remy dog:

She is the sweetness. Enjoys Dirk Gently, milkbones, and nocturnes.

The Underwood #3: after lots of cleaning, tinkering, replacing rollers, etc, she’s up and running. All she needs are new decals and a single key top. Maaayyybe a bit more polishing, but hey, she works.



DCP_2913My Eike pup came home in June, 2003. She was 12 weeks old the day I brought her home. I don’t have too many photos of her, because she never stayed still enough. (Also, I don’t have a camera phone. Or a phone of any sort.) Truth: I didn’t see her sleep til she was five years old. I’m sure she DID sleep, but my approach was enough to wake her up.

She was a red sable Czech/DDR working-lines German Shepherd. She was a little shy, a lot neurotic, and very high-strung. We were kindred spirits, and when I brought her home, I had no idea what I was in for.

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